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About Us

Sioux Center Aviation has been in business for over twenty years in northwest Iowa. Our staff has a total of over 65 years of aviation experience, much of it in the ever-changing weather conditions of the upper Midwest. In addition to passenger charter, we also handle cargo flights, pilot service, and flight training.

Our certifications include:

  • U.S. Certified Air Carrier, Passengers and Cargo
  • HAZMAT Cargo

Other services include:

  • Flight Instruction - Learn to fly! Basic license ("private pilot") through commercial, including instrument available year round. Easy access to a variety of airports and planes. Private Pilot cost averages $5000-$5500.
  • Rental - Piper Warrior and Lance available to qualified pilots, as well as for student instruction.
  • Aircraft Maintenance - A&P and IA on staff, specializing in Pipers and 414/421 Cessna's. Light airframe and engine repairs, 100hr/ annual inspections.
  • Aircraft Leasing

A sister company, R&M Spraying provides aerial application services and is certified in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota.

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