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Aircraft Maintenance

Sioux Center Aviation currently employs a team of three A&P mechanics, two of whom hold Inspection Authorization. We are skilled in all aspects of aircraft maintenance and have extensive Cessna 400 series experience.

From routine inspections to engine changes, and major sheet metal work, please see us for all your maintenance needs! Take a look at some of our past projects below.

Cessna 150 Aerobat Rebuild

This Cessna Aerobat was totaled when a hangar blew in during bad weather. Wings and empennage were taken from another aircraft and miscellaneous other sheet metal work was done to get this plane airworthy again!

Cessna 150 Before Cessna 150 After

Piper Lance Rebuild

This Piper Lance was rebuilt using the empennage from another Lance to make this one airworthy once again.

Piper Lance Before Piper Lance After
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